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  1. Digital Scout Account Information 

    1. Sign In to an Existing Account
    2. Forgot Password
    3. Link Email Address to a Team
    4. Creating A New Account
    5. Incorrect Team or Mascot
  2. Stats and Reports 

    1. MaxPreps Export
    2. Hudl Export
    3. Career Report- Player Merge
    4. Quick Stat Entry
    5. Finding your Stat Reports
  3. App Instructions 

    1. Installing the App
    2. Digital Scout Football- Apple App Manual
    3. Edit or Insert Plays (Football)- Apple Device
    4. Digital Scout Basketball- Apple App Manual
    5. Digital Scout Volleyball- Apple App Manual
  4. Basketball Video Tutorial 

    1. Basketball Sign Up and Link to a Team (Video)
    2. Apple Basketball App Basics (Video)
    3. Digital Scout Site Basketball Functionality (Video)
    4. Quick Entry (Video)
  5. Basketball 

    1. Public View
    2. Minimum iOS Requirements (Basketball)
    3. Customizing the number and length of Periods
    4. Adjusting the Clock and Quarter (Apple)
    5. Edit Event- Basketball (Apple)
  6. Rosters 

    1. Roster Import
    2. Edit Roster
    3. Merge Players
    4. Opponent Team Rosters
    5. Active Roster for Games Played
  7. Games 

    1. Creating Games
    2. Football Highlight Video (Apple)
    3. Game Already Appears on Schedule
    4. Connect Using Social Media
    5. Finalize Game (Football)
  8. Football Video Tutorials 

    1. Football- Sign Up and Link to your Team (Video)
    2. Schedule Entry (Video)
    3. Roster Entry (Video)
    4. Apple Football App Basics (Video)
    5. Apple Football Play Entry (Video)
  9. All articles 

    1. Roster Import
    2. Sign In to an Existing Account
    3. Creating Games
    4. Installing the App
    5. Football- Sign Up and Link to your Team (Video)
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